How Christmas Is Celebrated In Australia

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Christmas Day

Although Christmas Eve is usually celebrated in Europe, it’s more common to have gatherings on Christmas Day (25 December) in Australia. Some community members might go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so if you and your pack want to attend a mass, you’re sure to find a church nearby to visit.

And if you want to host a Christmas party as a group, monitor indoor/outdoor gathering parameters in your state. Going to an event? Look into official websites or social media profiles to get the latest updates. It’s also good to know what’s open on Christmas Day for the purpose of planning accordingly.


Aussies typically enjoy Christmas by having lunch or dinner with their dearest family and friends. There’s often an assortment of hot and cold dishes that includes fresh seafood. It might be summer during Christmas, but many families still love eating roast turkey, warm sides and some yummy Christmas pudding.

Those who celebrate with friends on this holiday typically opt for ‘pot luck,’ which means everybody can bring a dish for sharing. Also, hosting duties don’t necessarily fall on a single individual’s shoulders. You can always ask guests to bring whatever traditional Christmas dish they have in their home country, too.


Just like in most parts of the world, gift giving is also a common practice in the Land Down Under. It normally happens between family and friends, you can always give a simple gift or card to your employer, manager, or anybody you’d want to display your appreciation to.

Want to participate in Christmas gift-giving while also saving money? Secret Santa is the way to go for your batch. You gather three or more people, place everybody’s name inside a hat, and have every person choose a name. Setting a budget (say, $10 per gift) comes next, and you all have to buy gifts for your chosen recipients.

On Christmas Day, you can either exchange presents anonymously or with a personalised card attached. This way, you’re simply and happily making sure that everyone goes home with a gift, minus the massive monetary burden of holiday shopping.

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