PODCAST: Vicki Saunders – Business Growth Specialist, Mentor and Founder of SheEO

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Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO, a world-wide organization made by and made for women. She leads with courage, passion and kindness. She creates innovative business solutions for the future. Her experiences have made her comfortable with uncertainty. She is blessed with the unique trait of thriving in ambiguity.

Both mind and heart are empowered by Vicki Saunders’ leadership. Therefore, she is the ideal leader for a more sustainable, just and kind world. She believes in radical generosity and is a mentor to many who wish to learn from her experiences and knowledge. For Vicki Saunders, nourishing others’ talents and caring more about the person than the business leads to more success and joy.

This empowered woman dreams of supporting circular economies and redefining business. SheEO fulfills this goal by providing a perpetual fund for women-led businesses supported by women in power.

In this interview, Vickie Saunders shares an abundance of business advice and insights that are both intelligent and compassionate.

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