POCAST: Chris Schembra – Creating Human Connections Around The Dinner Table

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Chris Schembra is the founder of 747 Club, an organization that promotes human connection and gratitude.  A young visionary, he uses empathy to create a successful company. He hosts dinners for a living and has created a unique legacy that his guests will never forget.

Steering away from an ordinary dinner table, he creates 3-hour meals that have transformed many lives. The art of conversation and connection burns alive through his events, which we all need especially in these trying times. Chris Schembra has achieved many successes, though the road didn’t always run smooth. Through his life’s own ups and downs, he has developed empathy and a love for vulnerability.

From achieving great success as a Broadway producer, Chris Schembra now sets a much smaller stage. However, it is in these intimate spaces that he has found his purpose. He focuses his energy on creating and curating dinners for all groups of people. May it be corporate events or personal gatherings, Chris Schembra always finds a way to make his guests think, feel and connect.

In this interview, Chris Schembra shares the secret to achieving success from such a unique business. He also talks about the beauty of connecting with others and how powerful empathy is.

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