PODCAST: Prof Alf Rehn – Professor of Innovation & International Keynote Speaker

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Prof Alf Rehn works as a critic of innovation itself. His task is to see beyond what we know and to create what we really need. His unique perspective makes him the perfect man to speak about how we can transform what already exists into something that more will benefit from.

The master innovator was a perpetual outsider throughout his childhood, moving from place to place with his family. This is how his love for books and gaining knowledge grew. It is seeing the world from its periphery that he learned and unlearned many beliefs and ways of living. Incredibly so, Alf Rehn became a fully tenured professor at the young age of 31. After that milestone, Prof Alf Rehn surveyed his life and asked the important questions. He met plenty of interesting people along the way.

Prof Alf Rehn’s philosophical mind wanted to understand what borders and blockages our minds experience, and why. He understood that the best way to tackle this issue is through studying creativity. Through the years, he has taken innovation down to its roots. He is studying beyond what other innovators are focused on.

In this interview, Prof Alf Rehn shares his insights on creating diversity in innovation. He also talks about the importance of self-reflection to enact change. He also discusses the importance of being a critic.

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