PODCAST: Joe Brumm – BLUEY Creator, Animator and Writer

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BLUEY is an Emmy-award winning kids show created by a dedicated father. Joe Brumm’s insight as both a dad and animator allowed him to create an amazing show. BLUEY is a wonderful tribute for Australia and for his family. This well-loved show is streamed in various channels across the world.

Before this phenomenal success, Joe Brumm has worked as an animator for years. He has always been fond of bringing his imagination to life as a kid and he hasn’t stopped since. With his daughter as his inspiration, Joe Brumm created something that touches the hearts of many.

As a leader, Joe Brumm appreciates both teamwork and individual flair. He also cares deeply about the details and has thought through all the elements that created his characters.

In this interview, Joe Brumm talks about the inspiration behind BLUEY and what it takes to run a popular kids show. He also shares his insights on creativity and leadership.

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