PODCAST: Stuart Anderson – FLOW Hive Co-Founder and Inventor

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Stuart Anderson grew up in a family of avid beekeepers. His invention, FLOW Hive, now allows many enthusiasts to harvest honey efficiently and more joyfully. It took years of hard work and fun to invent this one-of-a-kind beekeeping unit with his son, Cedar. Stuart Anderson treated his time inventing FLOW Hive, as an adventure with his son.

FLOW Hive has sold over 100,000 units worldwide. The device harvests fresh honey, allowing it to flow out of the hive, straight to your jar. Isn’t that neat? It is Stuart Anderson’s curiosity and dedication that allowed them to optimize this product to its fullest potential. He truly enjoys applying his skills and knowledge, as well as in helping others and the environment.

Stuart Andersson is all about noticing and paying attention to what is needed and what he can do about it. Through time, FLOW Hive has gone through plenty of production, aesthetic and functional improvements based on feedback and collaboration. His entire family has embraced this process, imbuing it with a sense of purpose and gratitude.

In this interview, Stuart Anderson shares the story of FLOW Hive, one of the most successful crowdfunding innovations of all time. He also talks about the importance of bees and the joy of beekeeping.

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