PODCAST: Layne Beachley – 7-time World Surf Champion, Surfer Hall of Fame and Founder of Awake Academy

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Layne Beachley is a 7-time world surf champion. Surfers from all over the world know her name. Now, she shares all the career and life lessons she has learned through her community, the Awake Academy. Her agility and resilience are admirable and her advice encompasses business and all of life.

Fear is transformed into fun and flow with Layne Beachley’s positivity and self-awareness. As a leader, her strength is both inspirational and life-changing. Her core beliefs and values have been honed over the years through diligent work. This surfing legend is a hardworking human with a gentle soul.

Layne Beachley’s process emphasizes clarity of vision, collaborating with a dream team and taking action to achieve one’s dreams. She motivates many to stop being a spectator of their own lives.

In this interview, Layne Beachley gives some phenomenal advice on how to create a life of both alignment and surrender. She talks about how we need to step into and embrace our fears, why the process matters more than the outcome, and how to ride the waves of life.

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