PODCAST: Lyndall Farley – Expert in Sabbaticals and Corporate Change

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When Lyndall Farley took her first sabbatical at 20 years old, her life completely changed. It is what would inspire her to build Beyond A Break, a company dedicated to allowing people to live their best lives by taking purposeful breaks from work.

Her journey since then has became all about balance. With a positive spirit and a systematic approach to transformation, she is an excellent example of a woman who knows how to work and play. Lyndall believes sabbaticals with a clear purpose give way for personal and professional growth. Businesses all over the world rave of the success of the sabbaticals she offers. Many companies, small or big, have benefited from high levels of employee engagement after these breaks.

In this interview, Lyndall talks about what an ideal sabbatical looks like and what it can do. This includes the factors to consider when planning to take a sabbatical. She also discusses what our fears can do to block change and how to open up to the necessary transformation that will push us forward.

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