PODCAST: Laynton Allan – Founding Director of ‘KidsCo’ and Educator

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Fun and freedom has propelled Laynton Allan to start his company, KidsCo. His company helps both parents and children alike. He provides a safe space for kids to explore freely while parents are busy at work. Laynton is also driven by empathy, passion and creativity.

KidsCo is a start-up that he shares with his wife, both of them envisioning a community that allows all family members to thrive. Laynton is both a nurse and a teacher, and these experiences make him the perfect leader for KidsCo. Laynton treats his company as the perfect opportunity to create something better for himself and for society.

In this interview, Laynton talks about how KidsCo operates, the great feedback and luck he has received from this business and some tips on how to make the most of a start-up. He also shares about his Shark Tank experience and other important experiences that led him to success.

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