PODCAST: Margaret Maile Petty – Executive Director Innovation & Entrepreneurship UTS

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It takes a strong mind and a kind heart to inspire others to solve their problems with lightness and joy. Margaret Maile Petty does just that by using her knowledge in design history to change the world. She is the Executive Director for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney.

Margaret Maile Petty is an optimist. She moves through the world with open arms and a willing heart. She is a professional innovator and a respected leader in academia. Margaret Maile Petty pursued a career in art and design history. Achieving a doctorate degree is a feat she neither expected nor intended. She just remained open to life and always sought out what lies beyond what she can grasp. Art and design have shaped her life, while innovation helped her live for others.

Today,  Margaret Maile Petty is in charge of creating ways to transform products, services and experiences. Her lightness and natural inclination towards joy also attracts a team of creatives that help her fulfil her vision.

In this interview, Margaret Maile Petty gives tips on adapting to change, grabbing opportunities, and making the most of every experience.

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