Preparations To Take To (Eventually) Study in Australia


Want to study in Australia, or have already confirmed your course in the Land Down Under? As early as now, get ready for all essential things to consider. Learn everything you’ll need to prepare for your (eventual) educational experience in Australia now!

Brush Up On Your English & Learn Aussie Slang  

Improve your English skills (i.e. reading, writing, listening or speaking) if you’re not confident. You can do it by watching movies and shows, as well as reading books and magazines. You can also download apps like Duolingo to learn on the go. Furthermore, you’ll also want to know some Aussie slang, and here are some you’ll want to pick up as an international student.

Embrace Australian Culture

Virtually explore Australia with technology! Get into Aussie TV shows and movies to imbibe the landscape and culture, know its unique wildlife, and dive into its artistic and cultural offerings as well as its sports culture.

Understand Its History

Australia has an abundantly diverse spectrum of First Nations cultures, with its first inhabitants being Aboriginal peoples that have their own interesting culture. It’s worthwhile to educate yourself on their languages and histories.

Work On Your Banking

It’s best to exchange money before arriving in Australia to cover the first few days. This way, you have the time to figure out where your new local bank is and track down an ATM. You can also set up an Australian bank account before arriving, or at least research about various banks that offer special student accounts. Some are even made for international students!

Organise Essential documents

Arranging critical documents at least two weeks before your booked flight ensures a stress-free arrival in the Land Down Under. Prepare a valid passport (expiry date should be at least six months after finishing school), student visa documents, and, just in case, some photocopies of your passport, birth certificate, and medical records. Print your educational institution’s offer letter and Confirmation of Enrolment, too.

Find The Best Accommodation

Australia offers various accommodation options for international students, from homestays with local families to on-campus housing. Research the pros and cons of every lodging option. If you’re a social butterfly, student accommodation is for you. If you value independence, a private rental might suit you. Whatever accommodation you choose, relish the rewarding experience of studying in Australia!

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