TIPS: Business Coach Julian White – Avoiding The Most Common Mistake Business Owners Make

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Do you sometimes feel that you are getting in the way of your own business? In this episode of TIPS, business coach Julian White talks about how you become your own business’ bottleneck.

First, you got to let it go. It does sound simple, but it’s one of the hardest things to do. Almost all business owners think of their businesses as their “baby.” Like all babies, businesses grow and require less of your supervision and meddling. Give it time, give it space.

While easing up on showering your business with attention, you can focus on other things. See what you love and what you don’t love about your business. The latter is what’s holding you back. Delegate what you don’t enjoy doing; you have earned the right to. Also, this helps lessen procrastination on your part. If you have people who can handle those tasks, let them.

Somehow, all of these boils down to hiring the right people. Hire employees you can trust, who have the same values and work ethic as yours. This way, you’ll feel a whole lot better letting go. Hard as it may be, you must also let go of people who do not fit your business’ growth. It happens, and there is always a kind and respectful way to help employees through this transition.

Don’t be your own bottleneck. We hope you can avoid the most common mistake business owners make with these useful tips. Good luck!

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