TIPS: Cesar Munoz – First Things to Do Once You Arrive in Australia

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Prepare a solid plan and execute it. Get started on the basics. Find a place fast. In this episode of TIPS, Cesar Munoz shares why these are the things he did once he arrived in Australia.

As with most major changes, preparation is key. Have a solid plan and be ready to execute it as soon as you arrive in Australia. Begin by getting a feel of the city or area you’ll be moving to. You can also begin networking with people in your city through online groups. There are online communities that highlight your interests or include people from your place of origin. You can get help through them.

Make sure to get started on the basics. Your driver’s license, your healthcare provider–all the necessary documents and subscriptions–should be sorted out as soon as possible.

As soon as these things have been sorted out, find a place–fast. Cesar Munoz decided to book an AirBnb for a month before settling into a place. This provides you with a space to relax as you decide on a permanent residence. Make sure to apply and get interviewed for residences before your move. Since he is a newcomer with not much background information, he offered advanced payments of 3 to 6 months to the owners.

Sort out these things to do once you arrive in Australia for a peaceful transition. See you soon!

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