TIPS: Dan Alexander – Best Way For Couples Or Families To Rent An Entire Property In Australia


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Renting an entire place in Australia can be tricky business, but only if you’re unprepared. In today’s TIPS, real estate agent Dan Alexander asks people moving to Australia to consider two questions: Can you care for the property? Can you pay your rent on time?

The best way to rent an entire place in Australia is to have your information ready. Property owners need to know that you’ve taken care of other places you’ve lived in before. So, prepare those references and basic IDs, as well as your proof of income.

Landlords also tend to choose tenants who have references that confirm their credibility when it comes to paying rent. For first-time renters, any evidence of your reliability will do. Consider providing bank statements that paint a picture of your financial stability and security.

These are just a few proven ways for students to be able to rent an entire apartment or house in Australia. Best of luck!

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