TIPS: Guie Hartney – Things Study Groups Should Consider Before Coming To Australia

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History and culture are the two major gateways to understanding a new place. In this episode of TIPS, Guie Hartney shares some ways that delegations coming to Australia can get to know this unique country.

Groups visiting Australia should expect to meet residents of various cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, genders and lifestyles. You can easily explore different neighbourhoods and enjoy all kinds of shops and restaurants here.

You can also get to know Australia better by travelling outside your destination city.  Groups visiting Australia should definitely check out the various natural attractions all around the country. There are free places to visit for a picnic, a good swim or to play some sports.

Learn all about the country through a different perspective by exploring its aboriginal history. Visit sacred sites, witness rituals and learn about the traditions to understand Australia from its roots.

Groups leaving their home country to come to Australia will benefit from exploring all of the country’s natural and cultural offerings. Enjoy!

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