TIPS: Priscila Trevisan – What Did You Miss The Most about Australia


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Your friends, your lifestyle and your environment may just be the Top 3 things that you’ll miss about Australia. Priscila Trevisan shares why these are the most important memories she holds of her Aussie life.

Australia is a diverse country, so expect to make friends from all over the world! You’ll love learning about different cultures, especially that of Australia. When you leave, you will surely crave the multiculturalism you’ve experienced here. The friends you make and the memories you create will surely be unique.

Aside from its people, Australia also takes pride in the uniqueness of its lifestyle. The quality of life in Australia is extremely good, with its major cities ranking globally for being highly liveable. Residents, tourists and international students get pretty spoiled here.

The proximity of nature to the cities is something to miss the most about Australia, too. Even if you live in urban cities like Sydney or Melbourne, you are still a few minutes away from nature. Environments like this get rarer by the year in other places in the world. In Australia, there are national parks everywhere for you to hike, bike, run or walk on. You can also drive around and see nothing but untouched nature for hours on end. Finally, the unspoiled beaches in Australia are definitely world-class.

These are just some of the things Priscila Trevisan misses about Australia. We hope you get to experience these soon!

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