PODCAST: Stephanie Rice – Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder

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One of Australia’s best athletes is both talented and charismatic. Stephanie Rice’s success can be credited to her positivity as much as her dedication. Her ability to turn pressure into golden opportunities allows her to stand out.

Winning the Beijing Olympics of 2008 as a young Australian swimmer was one of the proudest moments of her life. This is where Stephanie learned how to balance her desire to win with the need to remove pressure on herself. This moment taught her how to stay calm no matter what goes on around her. Stephanie tapped into her internal source of energy, allowing her to break her own record and swim the fastest she ever could in her life.

In this interview, Stephanie talks about the power of visualisation, discipline and “staying in your own lane.” She shares her personal rituals and talks about her “glass half full” philosophy. Stephanie also speaks about how happiness comes from a beautiful blend of personal, philanthropic and entrepreneurial success.

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