DESIGN: Funny Kangaroo Zipper Pouch


Minimalism has become a bigger and bigger trend over the past few years. While many have supported this movement for a long time, minimalists continue to pop up all over the world. The simplicity and finesse of minimalism attract many in such a complex and busy world. But just because it is simple does not mean it has to be boring, right? It can even be cute!

Revolution Australia’s Funny Kangaroo Zipper Pouch certainly does the trick! This simple and cute pouch comes in three different sizes, depending on your needs. It is made of polyester canvas so it’s easy to wash and dry. Use the Funny Kangaroo Zipper Pouch to carry your makeup, phone, cards and other necessities.


Show your love to family and friends with a simple, unique, minimalist gift! Revolution Australia’s premium shirts, bags and other merch are one-of-a-kind pieces. The Funny Kangaroo Zipper Pouch is just one among many unique prints that you can give to your loved ones.

Each item from the Revolution Australia shop is ethically-sourced and locally-made.

Support small businesses and let’s rise together through this pandemic!

You can get the Funny Kangaroo Zipper Pouch here:

This particular design may also be bought as a sticker, a mug, a drawstring bag, a spiral notebook and many more.

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