DESIGN: Innovator iPhone Case and Cover

Innovator, Innovator Diaries, iPhone, iPhone Case, Smart Phone, Creativity, Focus

Are you an innovator? If you find yourself looking at ordinary objects and circumstances with a desire to transform and improve them, then yes, you are.

Innovators are born in different circumstances, fueled by different goals and achieve different versions of success. In the worldwide crisis we are currently facing, many people have stepped up and showed their ability to adapt. There is genius in having creativity and resilience in such trying times. That is one of the things that make innovators truly special.

Being innovative is also all about taking action. Without the willpower to actualize our ideas, it will all be in vain. It truly takes great courage to succeed. So, again, are you an innovator?

If you are–or you know and admire someone who is–this Innovator iPhone Case and Cover by Revolution Australia is a great statement accessory to always carry and hold. Let it be a reminder of all the great things you can contribute to the world through your creativity and focus.


Send your love though you are miles away with a simple gift! Revolution Australia’s premium shirts, bags and other merch are definite must-haves. The Innovator iPhone Case and Cover is just one among many unique prints that you can give to friends and family.

Innovator, Innovator Diaries, iPhone, iPhone Case, Smart Phone, Creativity, Focus

Each item from the Revolution Australia shop is ethically-sourced and locally-made.

Support small businesses and let’s rise together through this pandemic!

You can get the Innovator iPhone Case and Cover here:

This particular design may also be bought as a pullover hoodie, tote bag, fitted T-shirt, laptop sleeve and many more.

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