How To Find A Job Quickly in Australia While You Study

How To Find A Job Quickly in Australia - International Students


Are you studying in Australia? Want (or have the need) to find a job quickly? These are some of the best tips you will get to get a job.

Network (your new friends will help you find a job quickly in Australia).

Take advantage that you are a going to class. You will be able to meet lots of other international and local people. You will also meet professionals who in many cases are looking for new employees.

This is also why it is important to find a room in a building that shares the common areas with others (for example a college apartment building)

  • Most people get jobs through their contacts.
  • Make as many local friends as quickly as possible.
  • Make as many friends from different nationalities as possible.

What we are trying to say is that if you want to find job quickly, you should avoid sitcking and spending your entire time with people from your same nationality.

Embrace the multiculturality that Australian cities offer you (especially the capital cities).
When looking for a room in Australia look for places that are multicultural (as mentioned before college apartments tend to be the best option for socialising).

Are you in Australia to learn English? Make it your purpose to go out and talk to people.

It will not be as easy as it seems, but this is the best chance you have to improve your language skills quicker and to start making Australian friends (hence having more changes of getting job recommendations and referrals).



If you are an introvert LinkedIn is the perfect platform to network.
This is a much effective platform to find job quickly compared to Facebook and other online networks.

LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of business social media leads.

More than 70% of users said that LinkedIn helped them research and find people. This channel helped them also to be found by prospective employers.

It is important to have a professional looking profile.

Tips on how to improve or create a great LinkedIn Profile are in the downloadable guide (FREE). 


Apply, Apply and APPLY! (want to find job quickly? take action!)


It doesn’t matter if

  • you have studied for many years or
  • you are a professional with several years of experience or
  • you have dedicated lots of time and effort into your skills and education.
  • You have to apply to all sorts of jobs.

We strongly encourage you to implement this frame of mind and to start applying to the most popular jobs for students:

By generic jobs we mean:  Administrative Assistant, Waiter/waitress, Retail Sales Assistant, Bartender, etc.

It is very likely that within your college apartment building there are people working in similar jobs and that know of new openings.

This is the case particularly in PBSA buildings and on-campus colleges and providers .

In these type of buildings you will be living with hundreds of others that have a job or are looking for jobs as well.

As we said before it’s all about the networking.


Download our free resource guide to learn more about how to find a job in Australia.

These resource guide includes more details and tricks on Networking, Linkedin, Applying to jobs, Details when applying, Interviews, and how to dress appropriately. Once you read and take action we are positive you will find job quickly in Australia.

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