TIPS: Ira Bowman How to Use Keywords in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile


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Why do keywords matter for your job application? Let Ira Bowman teach you how to get ahead of the machine that scans our job applications. In this episode of TIPS, the author of “Keyword Ninjas” shares how we can use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

First, we must understand what keywords are. Keywords necessary for your job application are not the primary words used in your industry. Rather, you should choose the words found in the job listing. These are specific words on the job description that need to appear in your application as well.

Then, highlight what you think is the main point of the job listing. Use the synonyms of those words in your resume. There are websites you can use and professionals you can hire to see how well your resume matches the job listing.  A match of 80% or higher is necessary to earn an interview with the best companies. Jobs with high demand (i.e. web developers, designers, managers) also demand the highest possible match.

After understanding and highlighting the keywords, you need to create a base resume. There are numerous online sources that offer ATS compliant resumes you can use as your foundation. For every resume you submit, however, the keywords must still be specific to the job listing. No need to overhaul the entire thing:  the beauty of using a base is having a template to rewrite your resume.

Another great way to use keywords in your resume and LinkedIn profile is to grab words used by the company itself. Visit their website, LinkedIn or Facebook pages. Study the words they use to describe themselves. Then, infuse their words on your resume.

These are just a few ways to incorporate keywords into your job application. Good luck!


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