How To Be The Ideal Tenant


As an international student, having your own space is exhilarating. This experience lets you live independently, helps you make new friends, and teaches you how to turn a house into a home. But as Spider-Man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is why we’re giving you these tips on how to be the ideal tenant to avoid getting into trouble with landlords or real estate agents.

Always Pay Your Rent On Time

We’re putting first because this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Ensure that you’re paying your rent, and you’re doing it on time. A tenant that doesn’t need to be reminded to pay promptly is a good tenant. Avoid delays and never forget a deadline with a schedule of regular payments debited from your Australian bank account.

Don’t Be That Annoying Neighbour

Having neighbours is common, so be respectful of those living nearby to avoid complaints that could reach your landlord. Since Australia has noise restrictions that vary in every state, it is best to inform your neighbours if you’re going to have a party or a get-together with your university pals.

It Is Crucial To Communicate

Honesty is the way to go when dealing with your real estate agent. Keep them in the loop if a housemate is moving out or there are repairs needed. If you’re having difficulty paying rent for some reason, tell them instead of not paying all of a sudden. Any issue with your real estate agent or landlord should be resolved through communication. In case any other issues come up, reach out to the relevant body in your state.

Reading The Fine Print Is A Must

Before signing a lease, make sure that you’ve thoroughly read through it. That way, you can negotiate about anything you disagree with or want to change. Remember: A legally binding document like a lease is tough to modify once it’s signed.  Request for a copy of the condition report to have it at hand in case a dispute regarding your bond arises.

Care For Your Space

Lastly, respect the place like it’s your own home. Most major maintenance will be your landlord’s responsibility. However, as a tenant, you may have to manage changing smoke detector batteries or maintaining the garden, so ensure that you’re mindful of this upon discussing the lease terms. If you have housemates, delegate rotating household duties, so everybody has an equal role in your home.

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