PODCAST: Scott Tillema – Crisis & Hostage Negotiator & Negotiation Instructor

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Want to develop an extraordinary skillset?  Scott Tillema’s dedication to serving others along with his highly developed skills make him a great coach. He is a professional speaker who specialises on crisis negotiation.

Scott Tillema js a hostage and crisis negotiator who is now changing the lives of others by imparting his knowledge. He received education on Behavioural Sciences. Eventually, Scott Tillema gained a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. He was exposed to police work and service through an internship with the Wisconsin Police Department.

Beyond smooth-talking and analysing a person, Scott Tillema believes that active listening is key to any successful negotiation. Scott has navigated many crises with being both firm and kind. He also emphasises the power of research and having solid information to gain power in a negotiation.

In this interview, Scott Tillema talks about how he handles the most difficult negotiations through 4 useful principles. He also discusses the power of listening and what it really means to be receptive to information.

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