PODCAST: Colin Chee – ‘Never Too Small’ Creator

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What started out as a side hustle and creative outlet has engaged people from all over the world. “Never Too Small” sparked important conversations on urban living, as well as the power of smart architecture and innovative design to transform spaces and our very lives.

Colin Chee is a man of simplicity. In fact, he has the passion–and the genius–for converting the complex to the simple. After receiving the go-ahead from his boss to pursue filming small living spaces, Never Too Small videos found their way towards the internet. These videos feature interviews with architects and designers who cleverly created ways to improve and enrich the lifestyle of various city dwellers.

Since then, “Never Too Small” has completely transformed his career and his life. Now, Colin receives submissions from all over the globe and continues to get millions of views for the videos they release. In this interview, he shares some details on the direction the company is headed for 2020. He also provides some practical tips, especially for artistic introverts with original ideas waiting to be unleashed.

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