Strangest Facts About Australia (Part 2)


‘Mate’ Vetoed in the Parliamentary

Aussie slang holds a big chunk of Australia’s local culture. But with the intention of raising the level of professionalism in the Australian Parliament, a ruling had been passed in 2005 making it illegal to call somebody ‘mate.’ 

Nonetheless, after merely 24 hours, the law was upended after it was opposed by the Prime Minister of that time John Howard and opposing members of Parliament. 

A Police Force Out of Lawbreakers 

It’s widely known that the Land Down Under was founded as a prison colony where the United Kingdom sent prisoners to keep them isolated from the general population. 

Australia’s history with delinquents and criminals transformed how the nation was run along with its structure in the years that came. Australia’s first police force was composed of well-behaved inmates. 

All About Wombat Poo 

Australia’s one-of-a-kind island topography separates this continent from the rest of the world, giving way to a unique ecosystem teeming with distinctive wildlife.

One of the most illustrious of these Aussie creatures is the wombat. Although they are adored for their lovability, what most don’t know is that they excrete cubed poos. The odd shape is a result of the wombat’s diet accompanied by its slow metabolism.

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