TIPS: Kirsty Bonner – Mistakes Jobseekers Make When Applying for New Jobs

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An ATS-compliant resume seems to be a key factor when applying for new jobs. What else matters? In another episode of TIPS, Kirsty Bonner emphasizes the importance of transferrable skills. She also discusses why location is almost never a factor in landing a new job.

A mistake jobseekers make when applying for new jobs is ignoring the rules of the Applicant Tracking System. This special logarithm is used by companies all over the world to screen their applicants. If you’re not getting callbacks, it may have nothing to do with your skills. Start by fixing your resume to be ATS-compliant.

Many jobseekers neglect to learn about and enhance their transferable skills. These are the skills you can take everywhere, no matter the industry or sector. The list includes time management, leadership, empathy and so on. You can choose jobs outside your comfort zone! Just explore your options based on your transferable skills.

Finally, location is not always as important as it seems. In this day and age, working from home has become “the new normal.” So, take as many interviews as you can (with jobs that you like, of course) and pass them. Get an offer, then start talking about location. You’ll be surprised by the privileges offered to you when a company is really set on hiring you. Be that brave!

These are just a few but very common mistakes jobseekers make when applying for new jobs. We hope these actionable tips and Kirsty Bonner’s mindset rub off on you as you get ready to find a new job. Best of luck!

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