TIPS: Juan Camilo Reyes – Strategies to Meet Locals And Make New friends Upon Arriving in A New Country


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Actively participating in class and extra-curriculars is a sure-fire way to meet locals and make new friends upon arriving in a new country. In today’s episode of TIPS, Juan Camilo Reyes shares some advice from his experience as an international student.

First things first: Talk to your classmates as soon as you arrive. Making friends in class is vital for any transfer student.

Once you feel settled in, find activities that you enjoy. You won’t run out of clubs and societies to join! Picking a group that shares your interests will ensure lots of fun with new people. If you don’t fee up for clubs just yet, dropping by school activities is a great way to start.

Another great way to meet locals and make new friends upon arriving in a new country is to get out of your comfort zone. One of the biggest mistakes international students make is sticking with people from their home country. While this helps at the beginning, you eventually need to spread your wings. Be open and willing to connect with a diverse crowd. Your conscious effort is needed as this will not be easy. However, the rewards will be worth it.

School is an investment. The best return you will receive are the connections built here. Create a wonderful network and make sure you make great memories to look back on! Good luck!

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