PODCAST: Michael Hebb – Death Over Dinner and EOL Founder, Entrepreneur and Author

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Michael Hebb is the founder of two innovative organizations, Death Over Dinner and EOL. His mission is centred on creating conversations about the afterlife in order to truly treasure the present. He is truly a visionary of vulnerability and a philosopher of mortality.

Death Over Dinner is an “interactive adventure” wherein people freely converse about death: the reality of it and its inevitability.  Through these conversations, Michael Hebb offers his time and unique perspective to help ease suffering. He believes that by facing the idea of death, we get closer to understanding why we are here. He does so by catering to people’s desires to be vulnerable and to connect.

EOL, on the other hand, prepares us and our loved ones for the worst. In death, pain will always be present but suffering can be lessened. Michael Hebb believes that if we know how to honour each other meaningfully when death arrives, our grief will be of less intensity and duration.

Michael Hebb created platforms that promote healing, intimacy, awareness and self-love. He believes in the power of stillness and courage to help confront fear. In this interview, Michael Hebb talks about the structure and importance of Death Over Dinner. He also shares his ideas on resilience and human connection.

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