TIPS: Professor Ricardo Sosa – Tips for Students Who Want to Get A PhD

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If you are a student who wants to get a PhD, you need to understand what a doctorate degree is. You also have to be deeply curious about what you want to study. Also, keep in mind that a PhD offers a different experience for each area. In today’s TIPS, Professor Ricardo Sosa gives advice to aspiring PhD students.!

According to Ricardo Sosa, a PhD is the culmination of your studies.  To truly understand what a PhD entails, you need to talk to people who have already finished one. Ask important questions. Remember that your PhD will serve as your training ground for any future research you may need.

Aside from being a researcher, there are plenty of pathways that can be opened up by a PhD. It is not exclusively used for a career in the academe. Doctorates are also in demand in the field of business consultancy, technology, law, and so on.

As a professor for 20 years, Ricardo Sosa also emphasizes that you need to be deeply curious about your topic. It needs to be “an itch you really want to scratch.” It will take an incredible amount of dedication to see one through. So, you need to be truly invested in talking, reading and learning about your topic for years and years.

We hope you learned a lot from these tips for students who want to get a PhD. Best of luck!

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