TIPS: Cesar Munoz – Advice for People Arriving in Australia with Children


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Your environment, your children’s interests and health, as well as the norms and expectations, are some things you need to understand when arriving in Australia with children. In today’s TIPS, Cesar Munoz shares some advice from his own experience when he migrated to Australia.

First, consider the environment. Which neighbourhood will you be living in? Are you choosing a school that’s near the city centre or not? The answers to questions like these will depend on your priorities and values.

Take into account your children’s interests as well. In school, there are classes for both cooking and business, woodcraft and robotics. There are also plenty of free hours in the afternoon for school-age kids to explore their hobbies. Make the most of your privilege. Let them choose and see them thrive.

As you adjust, don’t forget to prioritise your children’s physical and mental health, too.  Your time, guidance and patience will be most valued during this transition.

Finally, understanding the norms, laws and customs for children in Australia is also crucial. There are some do’s and don’ts here that may be different or non-existent in your country of origin. Be mindful of these customs. Allow yourself some time to adjust to them as well.

We hope our advice for arriving in Australia with children becomes useful for your journey!

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