TIPS: Natasha Munasinghe – Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Business

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Start now, create a small version, and get sound advice. These are a few simple steps you could take to avoid the most common mistakes people make when starting a business. In this episode of TIPS, entrepreneur and educator Natasha Munasinghe shares helpful advice for budding business owners.

First of all, just start. Don’t overthink the decision. This may lead to analysis paralysis, which will only increase your anxiety. Just do it little by little, all that matters is you get started.

The next step is to create a micro version of what you wish to build.  Get your vision out of your head and out onto the real world. Before going all in, create a prototype. Then, ask for feedback from a few close friends. See what changes need to be made, and proceed from there. By taking action, you let your idea grow.

Finally, get some truly sound advice. Aside from feedback from friends, ask the right questions to the right people. This is not about asking if you’re idea is good enough. Get advice on how to move forward and the specifics of your industry. Ask about the tools you need and know that you and your “why” are enough.

Good luck!

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