TIPS: Natasha Munasinghe – Tips for International Students Starting A Business in Australia


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What are the legalities involved? What is your comparative advantage? What practical steps can you take? How can you build a good network? These are some of the most important questions any entrepreneur must ask. In today’s TIPS, Natasha Munasinghe shares tips for international students starting a business in Australia.

First, sort out the legal side of your business. Make sure not to overstep the parameters of your visa and your immigration documents. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s as you embark on this journey.

You should also know your comparative advantage. As a foreigner, your own cultural lens is already a huge natural advantage. Is there anything from that pool of knowledge that you can use and apply to your business?

Some practical steps you can take when starting your business is researching policies. Send all requirements and communicate directly with the Australian government. There are many tools and options you can get from these official institutions. They will be happy to help.

Finally, it is crucial to create a good network. Join groups and clubs for entrepreneurs. Connect and meet up with Australian business owners. Learn about how the best start-ups in Australia began from the founders themselves.

These are just some steps you can take as an international student starting a business in Australia. Best of luck!

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