TIPS: Juan Camilo Reyes – Tips on How to Survive Long Flights with Kids

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Are you a parent who often struggles getting through a long flight with kids? Bringing a special toy, entertainment and snacks, and booking good seats can help you survive! In today’s TIPS, Juan Camilo Reyes speaks from experience and tells us all about surviving long flights with children.

Parents need to be mindful of how flying is both an exciting and overwhelming experience for their children. To make your kids more comfortable, let them bring something familiar and soothing. You can let your children choose a toy they would like to bring with them throughout the trip.

As the hours fly by, you also need to keep the little ones entertained. Even a fully-grown adult gets bored in these flights and seek entertainment, too. So, feel free to bring along any portable device that holds your kids’ games and shows. Don’t forget those extra batteries and power banks! However, do set a limit and prepare other ways to keep them occupied. Getting kids too wired on games and shows will eventually lead to burn out and tantrums. Balance is key.

Making special requests when booking your seats can make a world of difference to your flight experience. Airlines are usually generous to families with little children. Choose seats that will cause as little disturbance to others to avoid any added stress.

Finally, you can survive long flights with kids with some good old snacks. Children love to eat 24/7, but again try to make the snacks as balanced as possible. Ease up on the sugary treats and maybe buy their favourite sandwiches and fruits instead.

Those are some of the ways to survive long flights with kids. Stock up on patience and understanding as you travel with your family. Have fun!

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