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Bedssi works with all types of rooms and providers in order to fulfill the requirements of all visitors.

The type of provider also depends on the type of visitors, time of stay, budget and location they are looking for. We offer you the following solutions:

  • HOTELS: This is one of the preferred solutions for visiting professors, staff, government and corporate visitors. Bedssi works with 3, 4 & 5 start hotels. This means we accommodate to your budget.
  • SERVICED APARTMENTS: This is a great solution (and a preferred one) for all visitors coming for longer stays. This includes corporate clients, visiting professors and staff members, government and scholarship delegations and students who come with their families. Serviced apartments tend to have a higher living standard and with all amenities included. Visitors will have common areas (living room, dining room and kitchen) which will make them feel at home. Bedssi works with 3, 4 & 5 start serviced apartments.
  • HOMESTAY: We can help visitors (including English Language students) that come as groups and that want to live with an Aussie family and also want meals included. This is a preferred option for student groups that come for 2-6 weeks.
  • HOSTELS & BACKPACKERS: This option is perfect for delegations that have limited budgets. Bedssi works with big chains and also boutique hostels providing you with budget options.
  • PURPOSE BUILT STUDENT ACCOMMODATION BUILDING (PBSA): This is for visitors on a budget who also want dedicated resources and facilities. This option is also available for groups and delegations coming on a budget. PBSA's are available only during semester break (when students are travelling and not living there) which means December, January, February and July.



  • Study or internship groups coming for a few weeks
  • Study Abroad and Exchange students coming for a semester or a full year.
  • Research students with their families staying for a few weeks or long term
  • Scholarship and government delegations
  • Corporate groups and delegations.
  • Agent delegations attending training workshops
  • Visiting academics or professional staff
  • In fact we can help all and any group! We consider 3 or more people a group.



We have helped Groups and delegations of all sizes and lengths of stay.

From 100+ delegates staying 16 weeks, to small groups of 4 people staying 3 nights, and everything in between.

We work with providers that can handle big groups in one single property. or that have several properties located next to each other were a group can be divided easily.

Depending on your budget we can provide you with private, twin-share, triple-share and even quadruple share options.

Based on experience we know which providers handle big/small groups and which providers have a minimum or maximum stay.

We will provide you with customised solutions perfect for your Group and Delegation.


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Easy. Effective. Free.

We assure you that you will have some very happy clients, which means better business for you.
There are many more reasons to use Bedssi but the list is way too long to include it here.


YOU: You could do this easily IF you didn't have other projects or deadlines to meet. The reality is that you are BUSY (this is easier said than done).
USING BEDSSI: Our only focus is to find accommodation solutions. This is our main and only project. We do this all day, every day.

YOU: Time is money. You will need to invest hours into this project in order to achieve a good outcome (and have happy clients which at the end is the most important thing)
USING BEDSSI: Simply complete the Groups & Delegations Form (takes 2 minutes). We’ll send room options to your inbox shortly after.

YOU: You’re stressed and will have to make the time contact the different providers and collate all the options before you can take a decision.
USING BEDSSI: We take this specific problem off your hands. We will contact everybody, collate all the answers and filter what ever doesnt really suit your needs. You’ll only get be the best possible options for your groups.

YOU: You'll have to spend lots of time researching what is the best solution for the upcoming group.
USING BEDSSI: We have great agreements in the industry. We have already identify which provider is best for the different types of guests

YOU: It is very likely you will end up contacting the most common (and expensive) providers.
USING BEDSSI: We have access to not only the mainstream, common providers but also have unique and boutique providers. We know you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

YOU: Remember time is MONEY! Stop wasting your time.
USING BEDSSI: We do NOT charge you! We are paid by the accommodation providers (because we give them LOTS of clients). Everybody wins.