How do I know which type of user am I?
These are they three types of users.
      • The majority of students and guests are an individual/person.
      • In the majority of the cases, when a person becomes a HOST it's because they are property owners that have an empty room and want someone to live with them (we help them by bringing in some extra rent!).
      • They may also be students who have a lease and are looking for new flatmates.
      • These type of users are normally hosts that have separate occupations and do not rent out Beds/Rooms professionally. These could also be homestay providers.
Business / Company
      • These users are usually accommodation service providers. They can be specialised students accommodation building owners, university colleges, On-campus accommodation or companies that specialise in providing housing services. These could also be homestays or real estate agents. In the majority of the cases these users rent rooms professionally.
      • We also work with companies that are looking for housing providers for their interns or casual staff members. Please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are always happy to see how we can help you!
      • Education Accommodation providers
        • On campus accommodation
        • Residential college
        • Residential building
        • Homestay
        • Specialised housing business
        • Student housing business
        • Hotel
      • General Accommodation providers
        • Hostel
        • Backpacker
        • Motel
        • Resort
        • Vineyard
        • tourism
        • adventure
        • real estate

Education Institution

      • We work closely with education institutions. We assist them in helping their students by finding the best possible accommodation provider. These are normally international offices or the housing offices within the institutions.
        • University
        • Vocational university
        • College
        • TAFE
        • English College
        • School
        • Academy
        • Polytechnic

How do I change my password?

Go to

      • your Dashboard>
      • Select Profile
      • re-type your password
      • click on Save

How can I change my email address on my BEDSSI account?
Go to
      • your Dashboard>
      • re-type your email address>
      • You will receive a code in your inbox
      • You will have to confirm your new email address.
Important note: We encourage you to always use your university or institution email address. In this way users will know you are a genuine student/staff member. When possible use a generic address rather than a staff address (example [email protected] rather than [email protected])

How can I view/edit my profile?
Go to
      • Dashboard>
      • Click on profile
      • Update the fields > click on SAVE
It would be great if you could please:
      • Include as much information about yourself as possible in your profile
      • Connect your BEDSSI profile with your social media accounts.
      • The more you share with the community, the more booking requests you are likely to receive.
      • Remember that other users are like you. They will always want to know as much as possible about the person staying with them.

How do I delete an account?
Please note you can make your profile invisible by putting it in PAUSE
      • Dashboard>
      • profile>
      • Pause my account.

This will make it much easier for you when you come back as the room listings will still be kept in the system. They will become active with a simple click of a button.

If you decide to cancel your BEDSSI account, go to:

      • Dashboard>
      • profile>
      • Delete my account