PODCAST: Craig Foster – Human Rights Advocate, Sports Commentator, Professional Football Player

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A humanitarian to the core, Craig Foster champions Australian athletes through social justice, multiculturalism and community-building. Craig Foster is a professional football player turned sports commentator and human rights advocate. He is a great example of what it means to work and live for others.

As a man of passion, Craig Foster used sports to enhance his values. He became well-known in Australia and abroad, and he used his status to fight for “the little guys,” from youth players to indigenous people. Craig Foster works hard to boost social responsibility among athletes and players.

Doing work that is empowered by his beliefs, he has fostered great relationships with organisations that strive for equality. To Craig, happiness is only real when it is shared with all.

In this Innovator Diaries interview, Craig Foster discusses what drives him to do all his altruistic work. He also talks about the fulfilment and inspiration that one can get from a purpose driven life.

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