PODCAST: Garth Callaghan – ‘Napkin Notes’ Creator & 7-Time Cancer Survivor

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We have just celebrated Father’s Day this weekend, honoring the men in our lives who were our pillars of truth and wisdom. One such man who has proven that fatherhood is one of life’s greatest privileges is Garth Callaghan.

Garth popularized “Napkin Notes,” a sweet gesture that he has been lovingly showering her daughter with since she was listen. What served as sweet little reminders of his loves has turned into a worldwide phenomenon! Garth is a cancer survivor whose zest for life has touched many. He continues to battle cancer with a wonderful arsenal of positivity, self-discipline and connection.

Fighting uncertainty with faith, he is now a published author and remains close to his daughter.  He is an an ordinary ways who has shown extraordinary resilience and depth. In this interview, Garth talks about his love for fountain pens, how his life has never been the same since Napkin Notes, and his never-ending gratitude.

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