PODCAST: Julian White – Business Growth Specialist

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As a man who has experienced the highest ups and lowest lows in business, Julian White is a true inspiration for entrepreneurs. Julian has made a name for himself and has boosted companies to their highest potential. He did this by valuing people, learning how to make good decisions, and understanding systems beyond what lies on the surface.

After a successful career in sales, Julian transitioned into a global brand leader. In 2008, failure hit him hard and, eventually, propelled him forward. His secret? Pushing through and doing what needs to be done. As they say, you have to slay the dragon to get the gold. Slay, he did.

In this interview, Julian discusses the importance of digging deeper and of committing to one’s goals. He also talks about the failure of his business, along with the new life that was unearthed from falling from such great heights.

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