PODCAST: Fred Schebesta – ‘Finder.com’ Co-founder & Director

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Positivity and resilience are the key weapons Fred Schebesta has in his arsenal. He has reached great heights in his professional life because of his innate curiosity and refusal to quit no matter what challenge he faces.

Fred is an entrepreneur who runs a successful international business, Finder.com. His unwavering goal is to be the leader who can motivate and challenge others to do great things. Fred explored many experiences that led to an even stronger sense of independence and grit. His good-natured stoicism has also led to great decision-making skills. To him, good and bad does not really exist. He believes every situation can be transformed for one’s own benefit. He achieves this sense of clarity by giving his brain the space to come up with ideas without any interference.

In this interview, Fred teaches us all about being a good businessman and a great leader. He also shares some helpful tips on starting and selling a business. He shares his views on success and how he strives to steer away from mediocrity to achieve greatness.

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