TIPS: David Harrison – Tips for Applying for A Job in A New Industry

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Be prepared and be persistent. They seem like pretty simple concepts to grasp, but in reality, the execution is quite difficult. In this episode of TIPS, David Harrison shows us how to prepare and to keep pushing on.

As we always say, preparation is key. Switching to a different industry is a huge change. You should expect to start from the bottom. However, this shouldn’t discourage you. David Harrison believes it is better to start at the bottom of a ladder you love climbing than to climb a ladder you don’t even like.

Once you’re settled in, focus on being persistent. Don’t be afraid of the “no.” After all, it’s hard for people to put their faith in someone with no experience on the job. It is also our tendency to mistrust people who have such a big change of heart. Make it your goal to prove them wrong. Make yourself memorable by being persistent.

These are just a couple of tips for applying for a job in a new industry. Learn more about career changes and job interview tricks from other TIPS episodes. Good luck!

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