TIPS: Professor Ricardo Sosa – Things to Take into Account before Applying for a PhD

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Deciding to get a doctorate degree is a big step. It comes with pros and cons where you can expect to make sacrifices before reaching your goal. Knowing where you’re studying, finding the funds, having a good supervisor and preparing your topic are some of the things you need to take into account before applying for a PhD. In this episode of TIPS, Professor Ricardo Sosa shares his advice to students wanting to get their doctorate degrees.

When finding a place to study, you need to choose a city and university that is the right fight for you. However, what might even be more important than choosing where to study is with whom. Finding a supportive supervisor is essential to the success of your doctorate degree. You need to consider your options before even applying for one, eyeing potential mentors based on their credentials and their personalities.

Financing your studies is also crucial, for obvious reasons. Find scholarships for whichever program you wish to enrol in. Part-time work can offer a good stream of income, but it will put extra weight on your days. It’s good to be resourceful and self-reliant, but not the point of stressing your mind and body out.

Finally, what truly makes your doctorate degree special is having a specific topic that speaks to your mind and heart. If nothing sparks that fire of passion yet, spend more time in professional practice. That will be the arena on which you will find which issues to tackle and conquer for your PhD.

We hope these tips can help you with this major decision. Best of luck!

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