TIPS: Sally Picot and Steve Diack – Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for Student Accommodation in Australia

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Finding student accommodations in Australia can be tricky business, Luckily, Sally Picot and Steve Diack of SCAPE has shared their insights on the matter. In another episode of TIPS, these experts talk about the common mistakes people make when looking for student accommodation in Australia.

The first mistake you can make is trusting unreliable sources and accessing inaccurate information. While you may be inclined to look to your peers for info, there is a lot of info on student accommodations you can get from professionals.

Once you find a place you’re interested in, never neglect to go over your contract and your obligations as a tenant. Read everything thoroughly before signing any written agreement.  Some providers can even neglect to provide contracts. Make sure to demand a signed agreement for your own protection.

It is also best to take the time to consider your options. Consider the environment and lifestyle that the accommodation represents. Will it be optimal for your growth? Understand the rental process, take your time doing research, and know all the details.

Finally, don’t forget to consider what each Australian city has to offer. If you are renting in Australia, be sure of which city you want to live in. Know the cost of living, liveability and other factors that make each place ideal for you.

Good luck with the big move and we hope you enjoy studying in Australia!

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