Tips to choose the perfect career coach

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It is very important to have a coach

Working with a career coach can be one of the most intelligent decisions of your life that can reward you with professional success. If conversations with your loved ones regarding your career are bearing no fruits and if you are feeling confused about which direction to head, then you must hire a career coach.

Your career coach will sit with you for a one-hour session and help you assess your goals and career path. After a session with your career coach, you will find that you have gained a lot of clarity and confidence. Although hiring a career coach will cost you a lot of money, the result will be worth every penny. However, in order to find success in your career, you need to hire the right career coach.

In order to do so, you need to follow some tips. Find out these few things:

  1. The kind of person you work best with:

Think about the teachers, mentors and bosses with whom you have worked earlier. Now find out who were the ones who inspired and encouraged you at every step among them. Write down the qualities of those people and then look for coaches who possess those traits.  Some coaches are kind and positive, whereas some others are strict. You need to find out which type of person can help you attain your goals.

  1. The person who can help you with your current situation:

Career coaches generally work with people from various fields such as real estate, software engineering, marketing, etc. Therefore, they know to perfectly advise people who have specialized skill sets. You should try to hire a career coach who specializes in your field (marketing, engineering, start-ups) or for example- a new graduate who is going to make a drastic professional change.

  1. The amount of money you are ready to spend on your career coach:

Fees of a career coach basically depend on her experience, certifications and number of clients. Therefore, you need to decide the amount of money that you are ready to spend on your career coach. Coaches with specialization charge more than the ones without specialization. Deciding your budget beforehand can help you largely in choosing the right career coach.

Apart from all these, you can also conduct a research on the career coach whom you are planning to hire by talking to past clients and reading reviews. Your career coach will be the most important person in your professional life. So choose the right career coach.

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