TIPS: Kirsty Bonner – Mistakes Jobseekers Are Making in Their Interviews

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Preparing yourself and understanding your “why” are the two ingredients for a successful job interview. These are also the most common mistakes jobseekers are making in their interviews. Luckily, LinkedIn expert Kirsty Bonner is here to help.

For any interview, preparation is the foundation of a good outcome. Never assume that you can just wing an interview. International companies, especially, hire based on competency-based questions. Your transferrable skills will be called into question. So, knowing your skills, strengths and weaknesses matter greatly.

You also have to know your “why.” Firstly, you need to be knowledgeable regarding the company and the position you are applying for. If you have no real purpose other than to get a job, interviewers will see through that. They will most probably turn you down. Consider what makes this job and this company a great fit for your personality, experience and goals.

There is too much competition out there. Invest your time on your interview and you will be rewarded. Set yourself out from the crowd by being 100% prepared. Avoiding these mistakes jobseekers are making in their interviews can improve your chances in landing your dream job! Good luck!

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