TIPS: Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner – Mistakes Jobseekers Are Making on Cover Letters

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Cover letters are more important than most people realize. That is why in this episode of TIPS, Career and LinkedIn Content Advisor Kirsty Bonner gives us some sound advice.

First of all, jobseekers make the mistake of thinking cover letters don’t work. Kirsty Bonner’s clients know the value of cover letters and make the most of this document. Even cold cover letters–the ones you create for companies who don’t really have positions posted–work. It’s also important to practice creating good cover letters for whatever job you’re applying for.

Another mistake jobseekers are making on their cover letters is thinking it is a rehash of their resumes. A crucial thing to write about in any cover letter is how your skills relate to the specific job requirements of what you’re applying for.

People also assume that people don’t read cover letters. Some may not, but those who do should be impressed by what you’ve written.

We hope you don’t fall for these mistakes that jobseekers are making on cover letters. Good luck!

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