1. Transparency with every flat share

What you see is what you get. There will not be any nasty surprises whilst you are paying for your booking. We publish the total costs in every listing (including taxes). In this way you can work towards a clear budget when renting a room.


2. Choice of flat shares

We provide you with an abundance and ranges of rooms choices. The best part is that all the options are all in one single place. There is no need any more for you to look into hundreds of different websites, spend time comparing, spend time taking notes, and having lots of questions at the end. All your questions will be answered by the time you find your BED.


3. Create real Relationships

With Bedssi you will be able to contact your potential host before you book your room. They will be able to answer all your questions. By the time you book the room you will understand with whom and where you will be staying. This is what we call real peace of mind.


4. Rent the perfect room quickly

With BEDSSI we brought together all types of student accommodation providers. In our site you will be able to compare, see the distance between the room and any particular point you are interested in and filter the information however you want. You will be able to pin-point your perfect BED in no time!


5. Flat shares that are tailored

You choose the length of your stay. Some guests need 1-3 weeks. Others come for a semester or a year. Others need a place to stay during the summer. You can filter the results to see the rooms that are specific to your needs.

With Bedssi you won't need to keep on moving from place to place, wasting time, resources, money and energy.


6. Choose your host

You want a quiet household?
Want to live close to your campus or close to the city?
Want to know who will live with you?

You choose every single detail of where and whom you are going to live with.


7. Help

We understand you may be currently living in a completely city or country, and that you are looking to move to the city of your dreams. Finding a nice place to live is at the core of your experience. We help you by centralising all the student accommodation providers in just one place. We give you the tools you need to make an informed decision and book the most suitable room for your specific needs.

Give Back

8. Give back

We believe everybody has the responsibility to do something that makes the world a better place. Every booking transaction you have will make a difference as Bedssi will donate a percentage of each transaction to educational charities. This is why we thank you. Learn more


9. Search for free

that's right! You can search and look for as many rooms as you want for free.

Only until you find the room you liked, and the payment transaction has been made, we will charge a small service fee.
The good news is that at this point of time we will all be celebrating!

      • YOU will be a step closer to fulfilling your dream of moving to a new city.
      • YOUR host will be delighted because they will be receive a new interesting respectful person into their place.
      • We will also be delighted that we were able to help YOU and the host.
It's a win-win-win situation. It can't get better than this.


10. Trust and confidence

We trust you. We found great places for you to stay. It is your commitment to be a good guest and that you will comply with the house rules.
Great trust brings great responsibility. At the end of your stay you will be able to provide your host with a rating.
Your opinion is very important because it will help the next guest staying with your host make an informed decision.

Why are we called Bedssi?
It's short for BEDS for Students International.
It is pronounced Bedsi or Bedsy.