Trust, peace of mind and satisfaction within our community is at the core of our business.

This is why we have simple but strict verification steps that allows you to take informed decisions.

  1. All providers we work with are established organisations.
  2. We have visited and inspected all the providers we work with.
  3. We encourage our clients to inspect the properties prior to their group's arrival.
    In this way, all parties involved are certain that the property, the rooms and facilities are of the expected quality.
  4. This is the booking process for all group enquiries:
    - You complete the delegation form
    - we send you at least 3 quotes.
    - you select the most suitable option for your upcoming group.
    - if you have staff in the destination city we encourage to have inspections and tours.
    - the Terms and Conditions (T&C) agreement is drafted.
    - the T&C needs to be signed and return. A 10% deposit is to be paid then as well.
    - the T&C will specify when the remaining payments are due and documents required for check-in.
    - this document will also specify timings for changes to be made without any financial penalties.
  5. These agreements contain details of the trip, and also all the Terms and Conditions and policies.
    Some of the terms are Payment policy and schedules, Cancelation policies, Rooming release dates, check-in and check-out details, taxes and levis, acceptance of the policies and documents required at check-in, and responsibilities among others.

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Before any trip:

The more details you include in your inquiries the better. This is a small amount of work to save you a lot of time and hassle in the long term!
Please include how many people travel, their age and gender. If travellers are under age (-18 years of age) how many adults will be travelling with the group.
Please also include details of how you would like to allocate the rooms and what the budget per person per night is.