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Introducing Bedssi… Beds for Students International

Australia's first online marketplace set to
help students find reliable and affordable places to live in.

Looking for a place to rent is a tedious, lengthy and stressful process for any native Aussie. But imagine how hard it must be for an international student looking for a place to stay in a city they may have never visited before!

The launch of Bedssi, a new online portal specifically aimed at students and the education industry, is set to change this.

The Australian tertiary education sector recruits over 20%* of students from overseas every year. However, many new students can often spend their first weeks on friends' sofas or in city centre hostels as they struggle to find affordable rooms. Institutions are doing their best but cannot source rooms for 100% of their students. Support services aren't up to scratch and it can be as detrimental to institutions as it is to students. This is where Bedssi comes in. To help not only students but also the institutions they attend.

In 2015, it was reported that Australia had a student bed shortage in the hundreds of thousands across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane**, a shocking statistic that, in time, is likely to discourage many overseas students from coming to Australia to study. Evidently our warm climate and beautiful beaches may not be enough of a draw card…

Bedssi has revolutionised the process by which students can find affordable room options. It does so by collating all possible housing options onto one centralised portal, communicating directly with education institutions and enabling host families to advertise spare rooms available for students.

Bedssi is the first Australian website that can fully resolve the housing dilemmas of international and domestic students to enable a seamless passage into student life.

Bedssi is bringing student accomm out of the dark ages, allowing students to book suitable housing online before they arrive. Tourists have had this convenience for years, but until now students have been ignored in the online market (with some University support offices still posting paper ads outside their offices!).

Unlike other portals on the market, Bedssi is aimed at medium to long term stays; ideal for students who will usually be studying for 6-12 months.
By using Bedssi, students find quality room providers which accepts student stays for the duration of their studies. The opportunity for longer-term bookings is also a convenient way for hosts to enjoy a stable income while helping a student make the most of their studies.

Bedssi wants to make the process of finding a room reliable and easy for all parties.
Accordingly, all hosts with rooms and all prospective tenants are verified by Bedssi upon joining the portal and profiles on both hosts and tenants are available to view for peace of mind. Hosts may specify the type of tenant they are looking for eg. non-smoker, female, Postgraduate student, etc.
Each host has the option to accept or decline the prospective tenant before a booking can be confirmed with the potential tenant.

Bedssi founder Ricardo Gutierrez, originally from Colombia, was an international student in Australia and has a first-hand understanding of the struggles many students face when it comes to locating affordable providers.

“It was very difficult to find a room when I first came to study in Sydney. After several stressful weeks of intense research, visiting many unsavoury properties, going to the university housing office and checking availability online, I finally found a room where I lived for the next two years. This didn't mean that everything went smoothly from here. I came with a limited budget which meant I had to share a room for the first two years, work part-time during the semester and study almost every weekend. This is precisely why I started Bedssi; because I genuinely want to help as many students as I can!"

Bedssi can also help anyone with a spare room make additional stable income whilst helping a student enjoy their time in Australia.

Bedssi can help companies, organisations and educational institutions that want to find short to medium-term accomm for their overseas delegates, interns or visitors coming to Australia for events, conferences etc.

* Figures from research by HSBC's, The Value of Education
**Figures from research by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)
http://www.jll.com.au/australia/en-au/Research - (Page 12)

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How It Works


Bedssi is an Australian company and the first dedicated student marketplace in Australia.

Bedssi helps students find a place to live in easily and quickly. By connecting guests with the most suitable rooms available based on their priority needs (type of rooms, length of stay and location), Bedssi helps students arrive in Australia fully prepared for their studies.

Hosts vary from PBSA to private houses and even hotels, and are able to offer convenient 'add ons' to their room at an additional cost to the tenant e.g. airport up, linen provided.

Businesses with rooms listed on Bedssi are also able to promote their brands on the site, gaining extra visibility in the student market. It is also possible to arrange group bookings through Bedssi e.g. visiting scholarship delegations.

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