Here are some of the things clients are saying about us.

"My organisation needed to make a booking for a group of interns coming to Australia. We were looking for accommodation solutions for a while without any luck. This was a very time consuming task and my staff was getting stressed because all the options we knew of were full and we needed to solve the problem ASAP.
This is when we contacted Bedssi. They were able to find a solution to our problem within a few days. Communication was clear and constant which was important as we needed to be inform in order to make decisions. I am happy to recommend their service to anybody having a group or delegation coming to Australia."

Kirrilee Hughes, CEO & Partner Director - ‎AFS.

"We had a group of around 80 -100 students coming from an Indian partner university. We asked Bedssi to support us with accommodation services. We had detailed requirements such as all guests staying in the same building, located close to our campus and at the same time affordable. Bedssi was able to provide all of these requirements. During the booking process the group size changed several times, dates were also modified and guests were arriving at different times. Bedssi accommodated all these changes seamlessly and the stay was a success. This saved us many hours of communication, organising details and work,. We were also assured of the quality of the provider as we were able to inspect the property and rooms prior to making the booking."

Senior Manager Executive Education, RMIT College of Business

"My organisation hosts several groups (hundreds of students) every year. They come at different times of the year and each group has specific requirements that we need to meet. We have been working with Bedssi for the second year now and it has been nothing but helpful. Feedback from students has been consistently positive as the quality of accommodation sourced has always been top quality despite us having to be careful with the budget. We recently also hosted staff from all our client institutions and organised a tour through all the facilities. They were all pleasantly surprised with the quality of rooms/accommodation we are providing to their students. Bedssi has taken a huge workload off my hands as I was having to dedicate many hours researching, finding and sourcing rooms for all our upcoming groups."

Kate Smart, Sydney Centre Director - IES

'I am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to get to know and to work with Bedssi over the past year. Their responses are always prompt and their ability to solve any arising issues have been some of the key things I've enjoyed most about our working relationship. Despite looking after many clients, they were always available to answer my calls and emails, were efficient with responses and made me feel like my organisation was a priority and that they genuinely cared. I would work with Bedssi again in an instant as they successfully placed and housed all of our international students in high-quality accommodation options. I would happily recommend Ricardo and Bedssi to any organisation looking to navigate the complex student housing market in Sydney and other Australian states. The level of their support is immeasurable and I'm so grateful to him and his business for the success of our programs in a housing capacity.'

Samantha Grant, Director, Program CAPA

"Our institution had a staff member relocation from the U.S.A into Australia. We wanted to have everything organised and ready by the time she arrived. We contacted Bedssi to help us find appropriate accommodation and they provided an excellent service. Communication was detailed and on time. The steps needed to book the studio were clearly outlined and everything was done for us. We just had to approve the quote that worked best for us and the rest was done by Bedssi. Our staff member arrived and was happy with the room and location. The whole process was smooth and easy for us (which was the important thing because we were at a very busy time of the year)."

Dimitri Makris, Director Private college.

"As an agent, my staff and I have to visit Australia regularly. It is hard for us to know where to book a hotel given that cities like Sydney and Melbourne are becoming so expensive. I also don’t have so much time to do research and find the best deals around. Bedssi was able to find an affordable double room in a very good location, surrounded by restaurants and cafes. We were also able to take public transport easily and quickly into the city. They saved us time, money and everything went smoothly and as planned. Thank you!"

Ricardo Medina, Director Education Agency.

"I had a studio apartment organised by Bedssi before I arrived to Australia. I had the advantage that I had been here before, and knew how things worked a little bit. BUT thanks to Bedssi, I discovered a suburb that I would not have even looked at. I liked the suburb so much that I decided to rent a room for the long-term here. The studio was surrounded by restaurants, cafes, parks and it was walking distance to almost everything. My first life experience in Australia started very positive thanks to the help I received from the Bedssi team."

Lissette Hernandez, Business Development Manager, Business College.

"I was relocated for work. We arrived in Sydney with plans to start our apartment search upon arrival and hoped to move in within days. However we were surprised at the super high rental costs and the poor state of apartments in the CBD: old, small and musty...and at least AU$500 per week for 1 bedroom that came empty! Thankfully the team at Bedssi was able to come to the rescue and did the search for us. We now live in a central location in an apartment that is small but comfortable and within budget. Thank you Bedssi!! Awesome service and recommend it to all Sydney newcomers!!"

Guie Hartney, Associate Director, International Relations, Macquarie University.

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