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They say age is just the number, suggesting that wisdom can come from all ages. Mark Metry is a podcaster, entrepreneur and author of the recently published book, “Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety and Be Yourself in Front of Anyone.” At the young age of 22, Mark Metry has indeed proven that his youth is no disadvantage to achieving success.

Mark Metry is a man of unlimited possibilities. He is a great role model for the youth to go beyond their trauma, to thrive in business and in life. His dedication to helping those with social anxiety creates a cycle of joy in his life and the lives of others. His mission is already a success, but he still strives to make his podcast and all his enterprises sustainable for the future.

Mark Metry is a real life wonder when it comes to using pain as a catapult for tremendous success. With years and years of his life ahead of him, he is only scratching the surface of his potential.

In this interview, Mark Metry shares sustainable solutions to confronting social anxiety. He also talks about his mission in life, and opens up about the value of genuine connections and being of service to others.

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